PikaBlox Update #11 (Blue Update) [PixelMon v.5.1.2]

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PikaBlox Update #11 (Blue Update) [PixelMon v.5.1.2]

Post#1 » Fri Aug 11, 2017 11:19 pm

Today is a good day for PikaBlox fans! Today is the release of the "Blue Update".

The "Blue Update" is a massive revamp of older features and the introduction of brand new instructional tools for new players and old alike.

Below will be a list of what has been released.

Blue Update:
- PokeNav: An in-game GPS that is accessable by the command /pokenav
- New Spawn
- Revamped how PokeDex commands work. There is no longer a pokefind or pokehere command as they are all handled by /pokedex
- All basic trainer commands can be found in /trainer
- The randomplace command is now found in /pokenav as teleport
- Mega Braclets and Mega Stones are now purchasable on our webstore
- Wonder trading higher rarity Pokemon increases your chance of getting the Celebi item.
- The wonder trade pool has gotten an overall improvement.
- The wondertrade command is now found in /trainer as /trainer wondertrade
- The vote command is now found in /trainer as /trainer vote
- The mysterygift command is now found in /trainer as /trainer mysterygift
- Revamped Malia Islands water gym
- Minor bug fixes
- Improvements to the spawncode
- We introduced sashes to ranks from Legend and up, though, you can't see your own. Other people's sashes are visible though

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