PikaBlox Update #10 - Hotfix & Cosmetic Update [PixelMon v.5.1.2]

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PikaBlox Update #10 - Hotfix & Cosmetic Update [PixelMon v.5.1.2]

Post#1 » Mon Jul 31, 2017 8:34 pm

Hello, players of PikaBlox.

Homes were wiped due to updating Sponge and everything going sideways. This was due to Projectx plugins that save things in the world file stupidly (bad developer). Eventually, these plugins will be phased out for our own. We don't like dealing with other people's incompetency.

  • New Store Item - 7 Day 25% XP BOOST
  • Player glows for every rank after trainer.
  • Legend now gets a 5% increase to all experience gain.
  • Use /setpolisleader to transfer leadership to someone else in your town since the Polis setleader command does not work.
  • Shinies and bosses now have a glow.
  • /badges now show badges you did not get yet in red so that you can click them and have your compass point to the position of the gym leader.
  • Gym leaders now glow.
  • /pokehere tells you all the Pokemon that can spawn where you are under those current conditions.
  • Error fixes.

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