Suna Rants: Piano Players

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Suna Rants: Piano Players

Post#1 » Sat Jan 19, 2019 7:09 pm

Man so what’s the deal with piano playing? I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing more annoying in the world to me than seeing someone I know walk up to a piano and just shred it randomly. Like they’re pulling out all the classics, like your Mozart and Bach stuff, as well as all those well known pop songs like Thousand Years. I mean WHAT GIVES? And after they’re finished showing off their amazing, seemingly god given talent—keep in mind this is an average joe you didn’t think would ever be capable of such a thing—they respond to your question of “how are you so good??” With the most laid back and chill answer in the world, “eh I dunno, my parents made me take lessons as a kid.” :evil: It’s. Not. Fair. Plain and simple it’s not fair. Why do they get to be so good while we have to sit back on our twinkle twinkle messin up every two notes behinds? It just grinds my gears. And the worst part is, how can you possibly be mad at something like this, that’s clearly just a biproduct of a few parent’s choices to try to get their kids “well rounded”? You just can’t. It’s not morally right and yet that’s how I feel, and I’m sure many do as well. So now, because of this recent revelation I’ve made within myself, I’m trying to teach myself the piano so that I can move out of the “watchers” and become a “performer”. Look, I’ve been playing the violin for a long time now, and I already know that when I both play and listen to music, I experience a lot of happiness and content within myself. But I just kind of find it sad that it had to come to me wanting to not look like a loser to take on another instrument! :|

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