Let’s Grow This Website!

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Let’s Grow This Website!

Post#1 » Mon Jan 14, 2019 10:36 am

I feel like we need to make this website more active. Redirecting suggestions and support to here was a great start! But I feel like we can take it a step forward and make it an innitiative to get all of the staff to set up a bloodcraft forums account. You may be asking yourself, “Why is this necessary, and what do we gain by having all of these people involved in this website?” Well, for one, I feel like the staff are an integral part of this network, and they should be represented here as much as their respective servers. Another benefit ultimately is that the staff can then influence our players to join as well and really create some traction on this website. I admit, I have absolutely no idea how websites work, but I’m pretty sure that more people making posts and accounts will only help the website itself grow. The Bloodcraft Network’s forums shouldn’t be just an extra place to get support in game when your diamonds get taken by a 3 toed troll in mageblox. I believe that it should be held up on a pedestal, and stand for something bigger than itself. A server’s website is just as important to its growth as the actual thing itself. So let’s fight for that, and make it our innitiative to give this website the respect and attention it’s deserved all these years!

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