The Shop and the EULA

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The Shop and the EULA

Post#1 » Tue Nov 06, 2018 8:59 pm

I was looking in the Mageblox shop out of curiosity, and I started to wonder if the ranks that were sold, and more specifically the abilities that came with them, were allowed by the EULA. After checking it (link:, I noticed that the EULA forbids the sale of many of the privileges that accompany the ranks.

For example, the Master and Grandmaster ranks come with the ability to use the /enderchest command, and the Expert and Grandmaster ranks come with the "/workbench" command. However, the EULA specifically forbids the sale of such privileges. It also forbids the ability to "create teleportation points", yet all of the purchaseable ranks can set extra "/home" points. Finally, the EULA states that a server cannot sell "decreased cooldown for non-cosmetic commands", but all of the ranks come with reduced cooldowns for the "/mage teleport" command.

Of course, players can find free alternatives to these privileges with enough time and effort, but are those abilities worth that effort if another player can get the same abilities immediately by paying? Furthermore, Mojang specifically states that servers cannot sell "Items or perks that affect gameplay or give the player an unfair advantage, even if they are also available through soft currency purchase, or just by playing the game for a certain time".

I'm not saying any of this with malicious intent. I am simply worried that the privileges that currently accompany the ranks in the shop could cause issues when the Mageblox server is wiped and updated. If nothing is done about them, then I worry that the server will be one or two disgruntled players away from getting into trouble with Mojang.

However, I understand that servers need money in order to survive, and this server is no different. Because of this, why not keep the ranks, but replace them with cosmetics?

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Re: The Shop and the EULA

Post#2 » Tue Nov 06, 2018 9:13 pm

You do realize that Mojang doesn't enforce EULA restrictions unless a server is heavily violating EULA specifications, correct? I understand your concern, but frankly, I feel that if Mojang had the time and energy to expend shutting down every server that violated the EULA agreement, then servers that are heavily infringing upon the EULA would've seen the hammer already and they haven't.

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