Town Player Gym Commands

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Town Player Gym Commands

Post#1 » Sun Jul 30, 2017 6:06 pm

The Player Gym feature has been released. You can now assign a gym badge and a gym leader to your town.

To register your gym, you will need to have $100,000 in-game money in your town's bank. Then, you need to type /registerbadge

If you feel like renaming your town's badge, just type /renamebadge

After registering your badge, pick a claimed location in your town, preferably inside a custom made Pokemon Gym, and type /creategymleader

This gym leader is a copy of the individual who runs the command. You must be the leader of the town to run this command. If you see any changes you want to make in your gym leader NPC, you should type /updategymleader

The gym leader will default to Level 100. The gym is meant to be a challenge for players who reach the greatest heights! More features will be implemented in the future!

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