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BloodCraft Naruto Realism - PROMOTIONAL Village Squad Benefits

Posted: Wed Oct 11, 2017 9:16 am
by Staff
Promotional Village Squad Benefits

Promotional items will be given to active participants. Anyone who joins a squad, or creates a squad solely for the perks of having one will not receive the rewards. If you are going for a character, were previously in a squad, and you start a squad, you will not receive the after-squad bonus benefits. Squad leaders that are going for a character will lose their nickname if accepted to the character, or if they reset. A squad leader will also have to change their skins if they do the mentioned things. If you are taken out of a squad by any reason, you will lose the mentioned benefits. If your squad is disbanded, you will also lose the mentioned benefits. As a squad member, if you leave, are kicked out of the squad, or the squad disbands for any reason, you will lose the mentioned squad benefits.

All mentioned information is subject to change.

Squad Leader:
- A squad leader will receive:
- A chakra weapon color of their choice.
- A chakra charge color of their choice.
- A custom skin. (Can be modified.)
- A custom nickname.
- A squad tag.

Squad Member:
- A custom skin. (Updated with rank-up.)
- A squad tag. (Persists until Jounin. (Jounin loses affiliation with the squad at Jounin).

After-Squad Benefits

If a user maintains their status in a squad and graduates (reaches Jounin), they will also receive:
- A custom nickname.
- An updated skin.
- A chakra color of their choice.
- A chakra weapon color of their choice.

As a bonus, if they start a squad, they will receive:
- A second chakra weapon color of their choice.
- A change of chakra color (if applicable).
- A change of their first chakra weapon color (if applicable).