PikaBlox Update #8 (Red Update: Part 2) [PixelMon v.5.1.2]

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PikaBlox Update #8 (Red Update: Part 2) [PixelMon v.5.1.2]

Post#1 » Mon Jul 24, 2017 2:41 pm

Today is a good day for PikaBlox fans! Today is the second part release of the "Red Update".

The "Red Update" is going to be a massive content update to integrate new and exciting features along side player requests and stability/performance changes. Due to the size this update will be released in two parts and will be released over time.

Bellow will be a list of what is going to be released and what has already been released.

Part 2: Released Now
- Brand New spawn code. We no longer use PixelMon's spawning code which eliminates that huge lag issue we were having.
- Fixed Homes.
- Better /pokefind.
- Better spawn rarities/biome sorting.
- Pokemon spawning with proper movesets for their level.
- Latios and Latias now spawn in the Deep Ocean.
- Better Ho-oh feather mechanics.
- Fixed bosses.

Part 3: Released Soon™
- Player Town Gyms.
- Safari Zone.
- Battle Tower.
- Tournament Format.
- Deoxys.
- Ability to request a battle with someone in an arena with a command.

Also, to download PixelMon, click here: PixelMon Download

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