Our Stance On Account Distribution

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Our Stance On Account Distribution

Post#1 » Sun Jun 11, 2017 11:18 am

Here at BCraft, we do not support the distribution of accounts by any form, whether it be a forums account, another game account, or a Minecraft account. By giving away or selling your account, you not only break our rules but you also violate Mojang's Terms of Service agreement.

We will not tolerate anyone that shares/distributes their account with other players by money, or simply giving away your progress on the server to another player. As a community, we support dedication and hard work; not a homework pass because you don't feel like working as hard as other people do.

In conclusion, if anyone is to distribute their account via Minecraft or other services, that account will be reset to the default group by a staff member or permanently terminated from the use of our services. This is our stance, and if you do not want to be punished for such a thing, you should abide by our rules.

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