BloodCraft Update - 3D RESOURCE PACK

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BloodCraft Update - 3D RESOURCE PACK

Post#1 » Mon Apr 10, 2017 3:04 am

On BloodCraft, a brand new, revolutionary aspect has been added to the server! This feature is a 3D RESOURCE PACK! Some of the things that the 3D Resource Pack introduces will be listed below.

3D Resource Pack:
- 3D Ninja Tools
- 3D Kunai
- 3D Shuriken
- 3D ANBU Katana
- 3D ANBU Masks
- 3D Seven Swordsmen Swords
- Much, much more!

Accompanying this are some cartoonish 3D textures to make the look of everything more like the anime!

We encourage you to come and see the 3D Resource Pack for yourself as there are many other features not listed here that you can see in game. We'd also like your opinions and suggestions for the resource pack, so come check it out!

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