System to End All Chargebacks

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System to End All Chargebacks

Post#1 » Wed Dec 14, 2016 3:50 pm

I have long been contemplating a new idea for a plugin. Today I have decided to push ahead with it. It is a chargeback retribution system to add REAL consequences to those who chargeback.

Basically this is how I would design the system.

Server signs up on website, receives an API key and a copy of the plugin. If someone charges back their payment account they submit that data, the amount, and evidence to the website. Me and my staff review it and if it is valid we take the users uuid and add it to a list. Then our plugin would ban them and prevent them from joining ANY server that uses it. Regardless if the server won the chargeback or not, because lets face it, a crime is a crime, there needs to be consequences, and they are just going to do it again.

Now for the users side, when a case is submitted and approved the user will have a chance to contest the charge. Since we will be following the "Innocent until Proven Guilty" method of not being a shitty person, unlike these financial institutions, the burden of proof would be on the user to prove that the server/unauthorized user did something wrong as the user is the accuser when filling a chargeback. If their case has merit it is dismissed, no harm done, but if it fails the ban remains and the only way to remove the ban is to pay back the entire chargeback + chargeback fees, which will be returned to the server, and then a 25% processing fee (or just the processing fee if the chargeback was won by the server) to my service to help maintain the system and reinforce the point the system is trying to make, that there are consequences.

This also isn't a completely one sided thing either. Servers found to abuse the system will have a three strike system. Abuse it 3 times and you are permanently banned from the system.

If we achieve widespread adoption it means that someone who charges back on one server could be banned from a majority of servers effectively revoking access to multiplayer Minecraft.

We will of course be retroactively be adding our chargeback list as well, effectively banning the users on not just our servers but many other servers as well.

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