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PikaBlox Update #5 (Red Update: Part 1)

Posted: Tue Dec 13, 2016 6:52 pm
by Staff
Today is a good day for PikaBlox fans! Today is the initial release of the "Red Update".

The "Red Update" is going to be a massive content update to integrate new and exciting features along side player requests and stability/performance changes. Due to the size this update will be released in three parts and will be fully released over time.

Below will be a list of what is going to be released and what has already been released.

Part 1: Released Now
- Fixed The Void spawns causing lag and being buggy
- Performance tweaks to config system
- General performance tweaks
- Mew, Celebi, and Lugia item chance rates have increased. They are more likely to be obtained now
- Increased chance of receiving a Pokemon through Mystery Gift and Voting
- /useflash, if a Pokemon has the move Flash you can now use it with this command every hour to receive 10 minutes of night vision.
- /pokefind <Pokemon>, this will show you the rarity and locations where Pokemon can be caught
- Misc rarity/biome changes

Part 2: Released Soon
- Player town gyms
- Safari Zone
- Battle Tower
- 4 new legendaries (Regi Pokemon)
- Ability to request a battle with someone in the arena with a command.