Maintenance Finished

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Maintenance Finished

Post#1 » Tue Feb 12, 2019 2:29 pm

I am here to inform everyone that the long maintenance we had is now over. This maintenance needed to happen as there were a lot of problems behind-the-scenes that created difficulties for all of the servers on the network.

There were too many things we didn't have control over and we didn't have the means to stop crashes. This maintenance was mostly done to give administrators more accessibility and freedom to fix problems in the backend without hassle. This way, in case something goes wrong we can be quicker and more efficient with fixing it. There are more tools to identify issues which hadn't existed in previous versions and we now have more freedom to use them. With the upgrade of server software and backend processes, we have fixed the administrative issues we were having.

This maintenance wasn't necessarily done to improve performance in-game for any of our servers because there are other underlying issues present, but it prevent the servers from conflicting with one another and trying to fight over resources. This means that the servers will run more smoothly independent of one another, but it doesn't necessarily mean it fixes overarching issues that everyone has been experiencing on their individual servers. A lot of those issues are due to older versions of Minecraft and its plugins.

We hope you understand the length of our maintenance. We were trying to ensure a more optimal experience with better software and for the future, more will be able to come out of the server without software limitations holding us back. Thank you and I hope you enjoy playing on the BCraft Gaming Community servers.

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