MageBlox Update Explanation

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MageBlox Update Explanation

Post#1 » Mon Dec 03, 2018 3:58 pm

There seems to of been a lot of confusion surrounding the proposed update and changes for MageBlox. A lot of people on the forums and on the server have been concerned with building up settlements and having fun because of the update post. I am here to explain that you should not be worried.

MageBlox will not be updating for a very long time. I didn't make it transparent enough that MageBlox had a proposed update with no estimated arrival. I simply tried to put out there that MageBlox is going to have an update, but not at this very moment. My staff team and I would like to do more with MageBlox, but such a thing isn't going to be on the table for a while, so play all you want.

I will inform you when action is taken in updating MageBlox, but I promise you, I will inform everyone far before the update is pushed and the proposed changes and wipes are made on the server.

I apologize for any confusion my older post may of caused, and please enjoy the server!

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