Orochimaru's Hideout - PvE Event

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Orochimaru's Hideout - PvE Event

Post#1 » Wed Oct 11, 2017 9:46 am

- Requires fifteen experienced people to be effectively hosted.

- The objective of this event is to participate in the infiltration of Orochimaru's Hideout. In this mission, you will need to navigate through Orochimaru's confusing labyrinth, fighting off snakes and escaping traps. The keys you earn will unlock boss rooms that uncover more of Orochimaru's secrets, and in the end, escape is your goal.

No jutsu spam (three or more jutsus used in a short period of time, may be determined if accused), no BuyCraft store jutsus, no hacking, no fleeing combat, no purposely causing a rule violation, no jutsu exploitation, no kunai/shuriken spamming, and no character jutsus.

Jutsu spam = three or more jutsus used in a short period of time.

Kunai/shuriken spamming = The overuse of kunais and shurikens in combat.

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