Wild Tailed Beast bosses and wild ninja NPC Ideas

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Wild Tailed Beast bosses and wild ninja NPC Ideas

Post#1 » Mon May 01, 2017 9:28 pm

Hi i think it would be cool if there was wild ninja running around like in pixelmon there are the pokemon trainer npcs

some of the ninja NPC could be chill and be talked to trade items with them, others could be aggressive and attack you (like a rogue ninja NPC) with weapons or a random jutsu and if you defeat them they could drop stuff like shuriken or kunai. Some could also be a shop that sells items and its random what they could sell they might sell things cheaper or more expensive in the shops that are in your village.

I also think it would be cool if a wild Jinchuriki NPC person boss would appear (like say a 4 tailed cloaked ninja has appeared or it could be just the 9 tailed fox has appeared.) like the boss pokemon or how a legendary pokemon spawns sometimes and is announced in public chat in Pixelmon they wont atk unless provoked from being atked and are strong and come in diff lvls and hp with it and if you defeat them you could get really nice items and some money from them. each tailed beast boss is stronger than the other depending on what tails it has they also can do things like run really fast so its hard to escape from them. i think it would be a good test of teamwork if ppl worked together to beat the bosses or try to take it on solo.

there could also be quests that can be like defeat a rogue ninja or a tailed beast and u get a bounty reward

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Re: Wild Tailed Beast bosses and wild ninja NPC Ideas

Post#2 » Wed May 03, 2017 6:06 pm

I really like the idea of wandering ninjas that you can fight but the Jinchurikis could be a little touchy as they are someone and you'd be fighting them - it's kinda weird.

Anyway, I may consider some of your ideas.

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